Pollmeier Beech LVL or BauBuche

Pollmeier Germany Timber Supply Malaysia Green Dragon Wood Products 2017 2018

Wood as a building material has recently been experiencing a well-deserved revival. Its versatility as a material has long been known but its significance as a renewable resource has only been re-discovered in recent years.

Pollmeier Germany Timber Supply Malaysia Green Dragon Wood Products 2017 2018

  1. BauBuche uses local raw materials from sustainable forests with PEFC certification.
  2. BauBuche is beneficial both to the environment and people because at its source in the forest it produces oxygen and binds CO2.
  3. Applying precise engineering technology, BauBuche preserves the morphology and strength of the natural wood.
  4. BauBuche carries higher loads than softwood products.
  5. BauBuche has a wide range of applications – from the smallest component up to 18-meter-long boards and beams.
  6. The load-bearing capacity of BauBuche reduces dimensions and cross-sections in timber construction – more space and less material consumption.
  7. BauBuche is distinguished by its 3.7?mm veneer layer precision and exceptional surface quality.
  8. BauBuche is as easy to work with as solid wood, and is ideally suited for use in visible construction elements.
  9. BauBuche revitalized the possibilities of laminated veneer lumber with top-quality aesthetics and unmatched strength.
  10. The high density and uniformity of BauBuche saves on fasteners and thus costs.
  11. BauBuche is price competitive through efficient manufacturing and economical use of materials.

Until now almost exclusively softwoods were used in timber construction. To process hardwoods as building material used to be too complicated and too expensive. At Pollmeier, we have changed that. With the aid of applied science we were able to develop a completely new process technology, which allows us to economically produce top-quality laminated veneer lumber from European beech for structural applications. We call it BauBuche and we use only raw materials from local and sustainably managed forests in its production.

Pollmeier Germany Timber Supply Malaysia Green Dragon Wood Products 2017 2018

The tree is rotary peeled in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe and transformed into a high-tech material with hardly any loss in value of the material. This is carried out in production line precision: on the one side a whole tree trunk is fed in, on the other side out comes BauBuche. BauBuche includes boards and beams for structural timber construction as well as panels for furniture and interior design.

With its exceptionally high strength BauBuche allows structures with significantly slimmer dimensions, compared to softwood materials. The high surface quality makesBauBuche ideally suited for visible construction elements. And the cost-efficient manufacturing technology places structures using BauBuche at the same price level as conventional softwood structures.

Bending strength, density, and modulus of elasticity of BauBuche laminated veneer lumber in comparison with other materials.