What is PEFC certification?

PEFC Certification USA Germany United States of America Pollmeier Germany Timber Supply Malaysia Green Dragon Wood Products 2017 2018

PEFC certification is a transparent and independent control system for safeguarding a sustainable and thus exemplary forest cultivation.

All forest owners may participate voluntarily. PEFC is also a monitoring system for proof of origin: from certified forests via the wood processing companies to the finished product on the shelf. With a certified forest area of over 200 million hectares, PEFC is the world’s most widespread forestry seal.

Since the foundation of PEFC Germany in 1999, over 7 million hectares have been certified – corresponding to about two-thirds of Germany’s total forest area. The most important standards are: promotion of mixed species forestry in accordance with local conditions; ban on clear-cutting; no use of herbicides. Independent certifying companies monitor the compliance with these regulations at regular intervals.

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