Pollmeier Beech Timber

Pollmeier Germany Timber Supply Malaysia Green Dragon Wood Products 2017 2018

With traditional suppliers, you often only discover hidden faults after processing – when it’s already too late. At Pollmeier, we supply pre-sanded wood. This allows you to take a deep look into our lumber – literally – and can make a precise sorting judgement on quality. Your advantages:

– Pre-sanding for perfect quality control
– Pre-grading for less waste
– More efficient machining cycles for lower labour costs
– Pre-sorted or fixed widths on request

Beech timber with PEFC chain-of-custody 3rd party certification

At Pollmeier, we are buying our beech logs exclusively from forests managed in a sustainable and environment-friendly way – a forest management which at the same time allows for forestry operations, protection of the environment and recreational activity all in one area and ensures that the forests with all of their valuable functions are preserved for future generations.